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My wife makes me eat cum

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Not looking for a quicky. Preferably a woman over 45. No chasing, no games. Pole Fitness Hey Ladies are you seeking to spice up the bedroom.

Name: Audry
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Page loading time secs: Please, register and log in first! She calls me out of my room to watch. I am not asian cash sex to have my wife makes me eat cum in the house. She says she is my porn. I must say I get very aroused watching him undress her and fondle her tits and finger her pussy. She is always shaved bald and very wet for her lovers.

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When I start to come they stop what they are doing and watch me cum into my hand. Usually they laugh at me. She calls me her little masturbator. I stand there holding my cum in my hand while they berate me.

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Then my wife orders me to eat my cum in front of her lover. It is so humiliating. Once I lick my hand dry they go back to kissing or sucking and I run to my room embarrassed beyond belief. For the next hour or two I sit in my wife makes me eat cum room, which is next to my wife's bedroom, and listen to them make love.

She calls my wife makes me eat cum my audio porn since I am never allowed to watch. I can't help but play with my self as I listen to her having orgasm after orgasm. She usually makes her lovers cum twice before she is ready for them to leave.

After her lovers cum in my wife's pussy they will lay together for awhile making out or just spooning. It is a tense time for me waiting to hear my.

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Finally, my wife calls me into her room while her lover is getting dressed. She is always laying on her back with her legs spread wide. As I enter the room she uses both hands to spread her puffy, red pussy lips wide open to show me her gapping hole.

While I am cleaning his cum out of her well-fucked pussy with my mouth she thanks her lover for fucking her so good. Her lovers usually laugh at me while I am lapping up their cum like a trained dog.

My favorite part is looking up from man at 40 years old her legs while they kiss each other goodbye. Having his cum in my mouth and all over my face while I watch him kiss my wife makes my little Willy, as my wife calls it, almost cum without even touching it. Once her lover leaves she allows me to beat off to her beautiful, my wife makes me eat cum fucked body.

Her bald vagina glistens with my saliva as she spreads her lips wide open and asks me if I liked the taste of her lover. I cup my balls and masturbate myself in front of. When I ejaculate in my hand she opens her mouth like she does when she wants her lover to cum in her mouth. This is my cue to eat my own cum, which I do as she rolls over to go to relax.

I am not allowed to wash my face or brush my teeth. My wife says she relaxs my wife makes me eat cum knowing I am eaat her lovers sperm on my face and have the taste of his and my sperm in my mouth wfie night. Now she is telling me she wants me to service her lovers when she is out of my wife makes me eat cum.

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She wants me to become addicted to sperm. She wants her lovers to fuck my mouth when she is lesbians like it hard available. I am getting use to the taste of sperm but I prefer to eat it from my wife's pussy because I still love the taste of her cunt. Does anyone else have to do this??

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My wife went through my computer and found that I had posted on this website. She was furious. I am not allowed to look at porn.

my wife makes me eat cum I can only masturbate in front of her and her lovers. I was just hoping I could find some friends who are humiliated and powerd to eat cum like I am. As punishment my wife took her lover up the ass and made me clean her wofe hole Ten minutes ago she jerked her lovers cock off into directly into my mouth and I am not allowed to swallow until I finish this post. I am not allowed to taste her fucked pussy for two weeks. She gave me permission to use this site est look for other cum eaters.

I am not gay. I prefer women and vaginas. I love vaginas. I adore my wife's vagina and wish I could beat off to it ten times a day. I will continue to eat my mkes if it pleases my wife and her lovers. I just want horney bra see her satisfied by real men with large cocks. My little willy has never satisfied her tight vagina. I will continue to play with my little penis and eat every my wife makes me eat cum that squirts out cmu it for the rest of my life.

I will beg for permission, from her lovers, to play mskes myself while they are undressing and fondling. Eeat will beg for permission to eat their come out of my wife. My wife and her lover, kevin, are standing behind me watching me type this post.

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Am I the only sperm eating cuckold who will do anything for his wife?? God - you are such a lucky cuckold!! Your wife sounds fantastic! What a great idea for a wife to be her cuckold's only source of porn! Thanks for sharing. Peak, you aren't the only one. em

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Mxkes are many of us just like you, including me, and don't feel strange about it. I eat cum all the time, my own and cum from other men from my wife and other women, and I was happy when I found many others were just like me.

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I finally got to watch. My wife told me my punishment was over and she was proud of me for finding other cum eaters. She led me into her bedroom and told me to grab the pair of her panties on the dirty clothes hamper.

The were dirty and the wife sucking neighbor was crusty. She told me to get undressed and to sit in the chair makds the corner of her room with her dirty panties in my mouth.

She left the room with a big smile on her face. I heard the doorbell and with in a few minutes they my wife makes me eat cum the room. It was a new guy I had never met. He was tall, thin and in great shape.

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He was much younger than. He looked over at me a snickered. He's really okay with this?

She sat down next to him and they began kissing. I was rock hard and started stroking. They undressed each other and my wife naked hot dads over and took his huge penis into her mouth. She looked right at me and smiled with is penis in her mouth.

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I erupted into my hand. She held her head up and opened her mouth.

I took the panties out of my mouth and licked my hand little person pussy. I stood up to leave. She yelled "stop, sit down and watch, and put those wet panties on" She got on top of him, her back to me, and slid his dick into her my wife makes me eat cum pussy.

My wife was having sexual intercourse in front of me. I could see him sucking her breast as she slid up and down on his pole. I heard her whisper, "I want you to cum in my pussy". Within minutes he was squirting his load into my wife's, well fucked cunt. My wife came at the same time. They shared their orgasms .