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List of chinese provinces

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Maps and the Basics about Mainland China's Provinces

Both sides claimed to be the only legitimate government of China, and the official names reflect that, People's Manchester escorts directory of China PRC for the Communists and Republic of China ROC for the Pdovinces even today, both governments in theory list of chinese provinces Taiwan to be a province of China and support eventual reunification, though there is significant support for independence in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, there is extensive trade and heavy Taiwanese investment in China, and Taiwanese people are considered to be Chinese citizens by the authorities in Beijing, thus enjoying a list of chinese provinces number of legal rights in the mainland.

Most of it is broken up into provinces (省), but there are several other geographic units of List of Chinese Provinces and Regions (市) are not part of provinces, but independent entities whose leaders report directly to Beijing. . in Fujian; The entire island province of Hainan; The Pudong district of Shanghai. China has 34 provincial-level administrative units: 23 provinces, 4 municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing), 5 autonomous. Discover China's 23 provinces, including their names, areas, capital cities, trivia, and The Gansu Province includes some dramatic arid landscapes, You'll travel to Hebei Province to go to China's capital, Beijing, and can see The peninsula area of the Liaoning Province was fought over in the s.

List of chinese provinces most Taiwanese are descendants of migrants from Fujian, the two areas continue to share strong cultural and linguistic ties.

From the practical traveler's point of view, however, Taiwan is a separate country and has been for decades, since it has its own visas, currency and so on.

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We therefore treat it in a separate article. The ROC-controlled island territories of Kinmen and Matsu are officially considered to be part of Fujian and not Taiwan province by both governments and residents of the islands.

lis However, as they are administered by the government in Taiwan, use Taiwanese currency and require Taiwanese visas for one to visit, we treat them as part of Taiwan here even though the inhabitants of the islands do not consider themselves to be List of chinese provinces. Some of this structure repeats at a lower level.

Provinces and regions are generally broken up into prefectures and prefecture-level cities. Like the autonomous regions, the relevant minority language is usually co-official with Mandarin in these areas.

For example, in the adult stiries order generally used in China: There ot various complications and exceptions to this hierarchy. These began in as a provincial government initiative supported by Deng Xiaoping as part of his national program of "reform and opening up".

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SEZs tend to be prosperous, have large expatriate communities, and have more Western restaurants and facilities. They are:.

Development in these areas has been phenomenal. InShenzhen next to Hong Kong and Zhuhai next to Macau were groups of fishing villages, with a population of a list of chinese provinces hundred thousand each; in a few years, both were bustling modern cities.

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In the census, Shenzhen population was over 10 million and Zhuhai over 1. The other SEZs have also undergone enormous changes. Pudong was mostly farmland inbut now has more skyscrapers than New York and is one of China's main centers for finance list of chinese provinces other business.

There are also many other areas where investment is encouraged. The national government started a program in that opened up 14 coastal cities, provincse all the capitals of inland provinces or autonomous regions, list of chinese provinces sex mobail. There are also many provincial, city, county and township-level economic development programs.

However, the SEZs remain the most developed areas with the most advanced administrative systems for investment and spurring economic development. When Europeans came to China by sea, from the late s on, the Emperor strictly list of chinese provinces their trade and movements.

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For several centuries, the list of chinese provinces Western base was the Portuguese colony of Macauand trade was permitted only at Canton Guangzhou under a variety of restrictions.

After the Chinese defeat in the first Opium War, inmuch of that changed.

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Many of the restrictions were removed and five coastal cities were opened to Western trade — Guangzhou then called Canton in GuangdongXiamen Amoy and Fuzhou in Fujianand Ningbo and Shanghai in List of chinese provinces. These were ov as treaty ports because it was a treaty that opened them up.

After the Second Opium War, ending inother cities were opened to trade, including more coastal cities such as Shantou list of chinese provinces Provjncesand inland cities such as Nanjing and Hankou one of three cities later amalgamated to form modern Wuhan.

Eventually, there were over 80 treaty ports; Wikipedia has a full list. Various Western powers and List of chinese provinces also took pieces of China, called concessionsand administered them; the treaties or leases specifically provided that Chinese law did not apply in these areas.

To Western powers, this was an obvious precaution since the Chinese system was horrendously brutal and hopelessly corrupt. Harbin Provincial population: Zhengzhou Provincial population: Changsha Provincial population: Wuhan Provincial population: The Three Gorges on the Yangtze River.

list of chinese provinces Nanjing Provincial population: Nanchang Provincial population: Changchun Provincial population: Shenyang Provincial population: Xining Provincial population: Xi'an Provincial population: Jinan Provincial population: Taiyuan Provincial population: Chengdu Provincial population: Proinces Provincial population: Hangzhou Provincial population: Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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There is some ambiguity when one uses place names in China. are not part of provinces, but independent entities whose leaders report directly to Beijing. China has 34 provincial-level administrative units: 23 provinces, 4 municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing), 5 autonomous. China Information and Sources Chinese Cities and Provinces. (Sponsored Links) Shanghai Guide Beijing Guide Xian Guide Tibet Travel Guilin Travel Yangtze.

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