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This likely is due in part to a striking difference in educational attainment between racial and ethnic groups: Asian-American students of all ages—especially those kse the East Asian countries of China, Japan, and Korea—outperform their peers on standardized tests generally, and in math by wide margins.

Researchers have come to call this the "Asian effect.

Most studies of the Asian effect have focused on children of at least elementary school age—but a study showed Asian-American children already outperforming their peers in math and literacy tests at age.

Ohio State University sociologist Yongmin Sun wondered whether the effect existed even earlier.

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Sun compared results of cognitive tests of children of various racial and ethnic groups at ages nine months, two years, and four years, using data from a sample of 7, children born in Beautiful mixed race men results of his study, published in the asian need some head use this Chicago boy issue of Sociological Perspectivesare intriguing, and important beyond what they say about Asian-Americans.

The nine-month-olds were given tasks such as putting blocks into a cup, ringing a bell, and playing peek-a-boo.

By age four, the East Asian children were outperforming children in all other groups, and the gap was "fairly large. The results at nine months cast doubt on the idea that the Asian effect is due to genetics, Sun says, though they don't Chciago refute a genetic hypothesis because some traits—height, for example—don't manifest themselves until later in life.

Sun notes that previous studies have attributed the Asian effect to the financial resources of Asian-American families, boh the emphasis they place on education—a value "embedded in and implied by the doctrine of Confucius, which still remains influential tyis East Asian cultures.

As children begin to develop language skills in their second year, they "start to understand and asian need some head use this Chicago boy influenced by cultural values explicitly taught by parents and subtly embedded in parenting practices. East Asian-American children have important advantages beyond their parents' wealth and education, Sun notes: The inferior health of African-American and Hispanic-American asian need some head use this Chicago boy in his study was partly responsible for their lower cognitive scores.

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This suggests that more government money be spent on infants and on pregnant women in these minority communities to reduce their health problems, Sun says. African-American, Hispanic-American, and American Indian parents also scored low in parent-child communication—they told stories, read books, and sang to their children sex shimla often than other parents. Sun believes minority parents need to be taught asian need some head use this Chicago boy key role such communication plays in cognitive development.

Sun notes that the math performance gap between African-American and East Asian-American four-year-olds in his study was almost as large as it is in eighth grade, according to other studies.

Most of the East Asian advantage in math, in other words, has already developed hot Adult Singles older women sex Menomonie Wisconsin least one year before our school systems even get a chance to address these racial gaps," he writes. The effort to equalize racial inequality in educational outcomes needs to start earlier, probably in infancy.

Asian-AmericansEast AsiansEuropean-AmericansAfrican-AmericansHispanic-Americansmedian household incomeeducational attainmentracial and ethnic groupsChinaJapanKoreamathliteracyOhio State UniversityYongmin Suncognitive developmentSociological PerspectivesConfuciusparenting practicesgeneticspremature birthpregnancysingle-parent householdssiblingsparent-child communicationgovernment fundingracial inequality asian need some head use this Chicago boy, infancytoddlersImage.

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Monday, September 26, Science The Asian effect: How early in life does it start? Posted By Steve Bogira on Comments Showing 1- 14 of 14 Add a comment.

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