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The UKC has also omitted any descriptions relating to dog fighting. As of right now that part of the breed history has been erased or is not worth talking about at this point in time. The argument that the American Bully be described as a separate breed may actually pick up steam with this american bully ukc set of events.

My personal opinion is that Pit bulls have always come in different shapes and sizes. Kkc size, bone mass and weight have always differed between bloodlines.

This new standard is too open to personal interpretation for my taste. What a judge may deem as overdone may not american bully ukc qualify as semi Bully in the Bully world. Head too large seems like the most opinionated serious fault I have ever heard of.

So what happens to the dogs that are in between? There will always be a dog in the UKC show ring that has a bigger head than his follow competitors, is this dog to be eliminated because now his 18 inch head uic considered american bully ukc big for the breed?

What about the dog being shown that has too much bone compared to the refined males standing next to him? You need to be a member of This Is Bully to american bully ukc comments!

Comments Ricky Doll May 30, at 6: Just like a tricolor pitbull came from a Rottweiler don't aruge with me i know for sure but it was for american bully ukc markings and they lined bred the rotty out of the pups but it left the markings something is always taken and hot naked Fort Worth women to screw down like color for example.

No the alpha blue blood bulldog the great swiss mountain dog bull terriers a lot of dogs have tri color markings every breeder especially line breeders know that almost all pit bulls and bullys have had a different dog in their lineage to take something from that dog the tricolor pattern the american bully ukc a certain look bone structure you might even want a green eyed dog you american bully ukc take that if u want jus like the xxl pits or bully you know damn well the size came from a mastiff once a breeder breeds alot you'll have an eye for things like this i know what you're implying that the tricolor pattern could of came from american bully ukc dogs also which is true but the first one came from a Rottweiler female n a male PITBULL n linebreed the pit to the daughters of each generation.

Ricky Doll May 30, at 5: A red nosed amerixan the rednose came from a bull dog n was an exotic like the blue just for show until it was line bred with more original pits pits just for the nose. Ricky Doll May 30, at 4: GP January 14, at 2: Admin January 14, at 2: Driver, I was only kidding american bully ukc.

The American Bully is kl massage girl highly adaptable breed, often acting as a laid back companion dog in the home while showing a zest for life and energy while outside. Despite excelling in such sports and public misconception, dog and human aggression is discouraged in the breed.

Health problems vary within the breed, and span the entire spectrum; with some varieties being plagued by problems, and others being americam documented for health and quality. Cherry eye, ectropion and entropion are american bully ukc seen affecting the eyes; while Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome can be seen in the shorter muzzled american bully ukc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the dog breed.

For the film, see Anytown film. American Bully" PDF.

July Retrieved November 28, Retrieved September 27, The American Bully". San Francisco Gate.

August 24,